Auschwitz & Salt Mine One Day Tour

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Auschwitz & Salt Mine One Day Tour is established especially for you to give you the opportunity to save time and money in one day visit the two largest tourist attractions in the region.

First, we will take you to Auschwitz, located only 50km from Krakow,  where you won’t miss anything with our tour guide during two hour sightseeing. We will  introduce you to historical and politician background of creating the camp in Auschwitz . Then we will take you to the  Birkenau, where you will spend another hour.

In the second part, you will get a chance to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine,  the most well known underground place in Poland. Our guide will show you amazing salt lakes, chapels and chambers decorated with salt, impressive shafts, as well as the wide collection of mining machines and equipment.

The tour package also contains a lunch set with a salad, sandwich and chocolate bar all together with bottle of water.

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