Communism Tour

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129 PLN
Duration 6 hours

Our famous Communism Tour is created to change the typical guided tour into a real interactive adventure!

The Berlin Wall may have fallen, the Iron Curtain cracked, but many of Communism’s most famous legacies are alive and well in Krakow. Visit the district of Nowa Huta, „Stalin’s gift to Krakow”, and discover a centrally-planned Socialist city. Take a ride in an East German Trabant and visit Nowa Huta, the old Communist district built around the steelworks.

During our in-depth guided tour, you will travel back in time in a genuine Trabant or Polski Fiat 125, to experience the wonders of this one-of-a-kind city. Not only will discover how the average Pole lived, worked and played under Communism, but stories and anecdotes from your Crazy Guide will bring the „good ol’ days” back to life!


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