Zywiec Brewery Tour

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249 PLN
239 PLN
Duration 6 hours

One of the pleasures of visiting a new country is to taste the local beers and surely enough Zywiec is Poland's most famous beer!

Now  we give you the opportunity to check for yourself how this legendary beverage is brought to life. Book our tour to the Zywiec Brewery and find out why Zywiec has acquired the status of a legend amongst Poles and visiting tourists alike.  The brewery was established in 1856 and strict attention has always been paid to keeping to the original recipe… so take your chance and try to steal their secrets.

Zywiec brewery is not a typical museum with glass covered exhibits and yawning visitors. Fully interactive makes you feel like if you were participating in the brewering process.  8 rooms, over 1,600 m2 everything to show the history of brewering and the brew methods gathered in one place. Cosy Pub with free beer testing is a huge bonus. Cheers!


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